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Dr. H. Kyle Sheets founded Concord Medical Group in 2001 to meet the emergency department practice mangement needs of the underserved hospitals around his home in rural West Texas. Since then, Concord’s services have expanded, but the focus has never changed from doing whatever it takes to maintain longterm relationships with our partner facilities and their important communities. 

Over the last 20 years, Concord has built its stellar reputation by not only providing quality Emergency Department, Hospitalist and Radiology management, but also by focusing on being advocates and partners with each facility. Since day one, Concord’s intent has been to provide excellent and unique patient care to rural hospitals, while developing physician leaders that have extensive experience working in many types of hospital environments. Concord has a proven track record of gaining the community’s trust by delivering the best possible care to patients and highest level service to its partnering facilities.

Concord has developed many resources and programs specific to helping the challenges faced by rural hospitals. This expertise paired with the commitment to the mission of each unique facility is what drives the success of our rural hospital partnerships. 

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Concord Medical Group Story

Concord Medical Group is a physician owned and operated practice management organization that provides top quality ED, Hospitalist and Radiology services to hospitals throughout the US. We’re experts at helping hospitals find solutions to their toughest provider management challenges.