TRS Managed Services & TRS International


TRS Managed Services and TRS International provide healthcare organizations—including those in rural areas—with comprehensive staffing solutions. Our focus includes both temporary and permanent placements tailored to meet the specific needs of critical access hospitals, rural facilities, community health organizations, and large acute care facilities.


Managed Services for Healthcare Facilities


  • Dedicated Support Team: We understand and address the unique challenges faced by healthcare facilities of all sizes.
  • Local Partner Network: We work with a select supplier-partner network, comprising of qualified and vetted vendors.
  • Budget-Friendly Talent Solutions: We offer cost-saving talent solutions designed to align with the budget constraints of healthcare facilities of all sizes.
  • Flexibility for Unique Needs: We provide flexible contract terms so organizations can break free from rigid systems that don’t align with specific needs.
  • Quality Hiring Protocols: We utilize best-in-class hiring protocols tailored specifically to the needs of healthcare facilities.
  • Streamlined VMS: We provide an easy-to-use Vendor Management System (VMS) for efficient operations that suit the demands of organizations of all sizes.
  • Comprehensive Consulting: We offer workforce recruitment and retention consulting services, customized to the unique challenges of healthcare facilities.
  • Rural Expertise: We have a proven track record working with rural facilities and solving for the unique healthcare challenges faced in rural communities.


Direct Hire Services for Healthcare Facilities


TRS International's innovative direct hire, permanent placement staffing solutions are crafted to simplify the hiring process for healthcare organizations, including rural critical access hospitals and acute care facilities. We handle the heavy lifting, making the complex process seamless for you.


Our services include:


  • Sourcing and prescreening nurses and med tech candidates.
  • Credentialing and licensing support.
  • Legal/immigration expertise.
  • Complete relocation and onboarding support.


Decades of Experience & Proud Affiliations


With over a decade as a healthcare managed services provider (MSP) and more than 25 years in healthcare staffing, TRS takes pride in understanding and addressing the critical workforce management needs of healthcare facilities, particularly those in rural settings. We are honored to work with organizations of all sizes across the country, including critical access hospitals, clinics, rural facilities, and community health organizations. Our affiliations with TORCH, NCHN, IRHA, HINK, and NRHA demonstrate our commitment to supporting and enhancing healthcare services in rural communities.


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Jeremy Wilson, VP of TRS Managed Services & TRS International

Devon Celic, VP of Business Development