Your Partners. Your Resources.

As an NRHA member, you have access to many rural health-specific resources, from the Rural Roads magazine to webinars, conferences and online discussions. However, there is another benefit you can use to help further the success of your organization—the NRHA Partner Program.

This Program was established for two reasons:

1. To help support the work and mission of NRHA
The Partner Program provides the additional resources NRHA needs to continue its work as the nation's leader in rural health issues. With their help, NRHA has had a hand in the following rural successes:

  • Increasing funding for the National Health Service Corps, an agency that places healthcare workers in underserved areas in exchange for tuition assistance.
  • Establishing the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy to monitor and impact rural health issues nationally.
  • Introducing legislation to boost physician and hospital Medicare payments in rural America.
  • See all of NRHA's contributions to rural health. (link to NRHA's Role in Rural Health)

2. To provide resources for NRHA members
The NRHA Partners have all been selected based on their expertise and knowledge of the rural health industry, and they all offer products or services specific to rural health organizations. NRHA members are able—and encouraged—to use the Partners' talents, products and services to help their individual organizations.
Member benefits:

Partners are pre-screened by rural health experts who are involved NRHA members, so you know they are qualified.

Partners are already educated about rural health, so you save the time and money of "initiating" a new vendor.

Partners demonstrate their commitment to rural health and NRHA by sharing their expertise through conferences and webinars and contributing to NRHA's mission in other ways.

Some Partners have specially-negotiated rates for NRHA members, giving you access to "rural specific" services at "rural specific" prices.

Watch success stories of beneficial member-partner relationships.

Partner Services

Whatever your needs are, there is an NRHA Partner you can turn to for guidance.

Their fields of expertise include:

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