Eagle Telemedicine is a physician-led and professionally managed company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company has provided telemedicine physician services since 2008. Today, we offer remote physician coverage across fourteen specialties, including cardiology, critical care, hospitalist medicine, infectious disease, neurology, and pulmonology.

Led by physicians, including Dr. Talbot “Mac” McCormick, CEO, we focus on rural hospitals with requirements defined by location and access to physicians. We customize each telemedicine program to the hospital.

Eagle uses a team approach. The hospital’s “pod” of providers train and collaborate with the onsite staff. Using a team of telemedicine physicians, communication between the hospital and the provider is often less complex and more efficient.  Our goal is to deliver innovative solutions to:

  • Address physician shortages that integrate seamlessly with onsite services,
  • Expand patient access, and
  • Deliver cost effective, high-quality care.

Eagle facilitates 53,800 patient encounters per year, including 38,000 annually in Specialty Medicine, through 200+ hospital engagements across 23 states.  Many of those engagements serve rural communities through their local hospitals or larger regional, but rural hospitals. We pride ourselves in identifying the needs of your hospital and designing a solution to address those specific needs.  Our mission is to lead the industry through insight and innovation by providing hospitals with solutions to optimize patient outcomes; collaborate with our partner hospitals to continuously improve performance; and cultivate partnerships with hospitals to strengthen their ability to serve the underserved.


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President & COO