PIPELINE PARTNER - Community Connections, Inc. (CCI)

Located in the heart of southern rural Appalachia, Community Connections, Inc. (CCI) is a private, non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in the communities that we serve.  Founded in 1990 as an outgrowth of the West Virginia Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Families, the agency has continued to expand its mission for the development of community-driven initiatives that promote strong, healthy lifestyles.
Since its inception, Community Connections has reached across invisible borders and boundaries and effectively leveraged its resources to fill the gaps in services where needed. By doing so, CCI has used its ‘environmental change’ strategy to be a leader in advocating for public policy change; building and sustaining coalitions; program development and implementation; and initiation of prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery programs.

Community Connections is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors with representatives from the leadership of social service initiatives, mental/physical health, educational organizations, and community representatives who are consumers of public services.

We pride ourselves on collaborative efforts that build strong communities!


Camp Mariposa, Eden Scruggs, eden.scruggs@strongcommunities.org

CADCA In Action, Natalie Keaton, natalie.keaton@strongcommunities.org

Drug Free All-Star Basketball, Greg Puckett, greg.puckett@strongcommunities.org

Drug Free Communities (DFC), Candace Harless, candace.harless@strongcommunities.org

IdentoGo, Michelle Sparks, michelle.sparks@strongcommunities.org

Mercer County Coalition for Healthy Communities, Candace Harless, candace.harless@strongcommunities.org

Quick Response Team (QRT), Beth Bailey, beth.bailey@@strongcommunities.org

Police Explorers, Kathrn Kandas, kathrn.kandas@strongcommunities.org

West Virginia Teen Court, Natalie Keaton, natalie.keaton@strongcommunities.org

WV Partnerships for Success (PFS), Cheryl Jonese, cheryl.jonese@strongcommunities.org

WV Statewide Implementation, Enhancement, and Evaluation Project (SIEEP), Dr. Jamie Styons, jamie.styons@strongcommunities.org

COVID Rural Recovery, Education, and Outreach Program, Dr. Jamie Styons, jamie.styons@strongcommunities.org

WV Collegiate Recovery Network – Bluefield State University, Megan Hicks, megan.hicks@strongcommunities.org

WV Collegiate Recovery Network – Concord University, Brandon Whitehouse, brandon.whitehouse@strongcommunities.org

State Opioid Response (SOR) Regional Drug Control Assessment and Outreach, Chelsea French, chelsea.french@strongcommunities.org

Junior Firefighters, Kathrn Kandas, kathrn.kandas@strongcommunities.org

Princeton Renaissance Theater, Greg Puckett, greg.puckett@strongcommunities.org

Drug Take-Back and Disposal, Dr. Jamie Styons, jamie.styons@strongcommunities.org

Family Support Centers, Crystale Farmer, crystale.farmer@strongcommunities.org

Mercer County Family Resource Network, Natalie Keaton, natalie.keaton@strongcommunities.org

Blessing Boxes, Rhonda Helmondollar, rhonda.helmondollar@strongcommunities.org

Babies Improve in Better Situations (BIBS) Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Program, Dr. Jamie Styons, jamie.styons@strongcommunities.org

Reaching Rural Initiative, Dr. Jamie Styons, jamie.styons@strongcommunities.org

Prevention, Enforcement, Education, and Policy (PEEP) Initiative, Dr. Jamie Styons, jamie.styons@strongcommunities.org

988 RAIS, Candace Harless, candace.harless@strongcommunities.org

Little Free Library, Kathrn Kandas, kathrn.kandas@strongcommunities.org

Safe Place, Kathrn Kandas, kathrn.kandas@strongcommunities.org

Public Health Education and Intervention Initiative, Dr. Jamie Styons, jamie.styons@strongcommunities.org

Rural ACCESS (Assessable Comprehensive Care to Enhance SUD Services), Dr. Jamie Styons, jamie.styons@strongcommunities.org

Community Outreach for Recovery Enhancement Services (CORES), Crystale Farmer, crystale.farmer@strongcommunities.org