For more than a decade Equum Medical’s multi-specialty telehealth teams have helped healthcare providers fill critical gaps in clinical care, improving quality and financial performance.

Equum works with providers large and small, urban and rural, focusing on ensuring that medically underserved areas have access to world-class specialist expertise from physicians fully licensed in the states where they practice. Our work has special resonance for rural hospitals, which can take advantage of our wide menu of services as well as our flexible and nimble approach to hybrid care.

Our work with rural providers is designed to maximize resources and efficiency to meet our mutual goal of delivering equitable, affordable and high-quality care for all patients in their communities.   


Contact: Corey Scurlock, CEO


Virtual Nursing

Virtual Nursing is supporting the clinical workforce deliver better outcomes operationally, clinically and financially. Learn more how Equum Medical is driving the digitally enabled workforce.

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