For rural healthcare providers, achieving Critical Access Hospital (CAH) accreditation is a pivotal step in ensuring that you remain a lifeline for your community. At ACHC, we understand that your rural audience values practical solutions that directly impact their local healthcare.

Our CAH accreditation program is tailored specifically to meet the unique challenges and opportunities that rural hospitals like yours encounter. We've collaborated closely with industry experts to develop this program, guaranteeing that it's not just another generic solution but one designed with the rural healthcare landscape in mind.

With your community's needs at the forefront, our Surveyors adopt an educational approach that goes beyond compliance. We're here to help you enhance the quality of services you provide and improve operational efficiencies, ultimately resulting in better patient care for your neighbors, friends, and family.

Today, ACHC is your local partner, deeply embedded in the fabric of North Carolina's rural healthcare. Our commitment is to you and the well-being of your patients, as we support you on your journey to achieving and maintaining CAH accreditation.


Contact: Christopher Cox

(919) 785-1214 ext. 281