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Over 25 years ago, HFG Architecture was founded after recognizing the need for architectural services in rural communities throughout the Midwest. Three decades and thousands of healthcare projects later, HFG has become a leading expert in rural health design. HFG’s commitment to serve rural and critical access hospitals continues today and now reaches across the nation.

Rural health planning, design, and finances are more complex than other industries. HFG provides comprehensive services that are based on these complex challenges. Our professional team specializes in master planning, data analysis, design, code assessment, regulations, medical equipment management, and construction administration specifically to help you find solutions that optimize your efficiency and profits.  With a mission to inspire health and healing through architecture, we are passionate about our work and having a lasting impact on the patients, staff, and the communities we serve.


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A new Critical Access Hospital in Osborne County KS becomes a hub for community wellness & heali

Leveraging a modest budget that would serve as a hub for community wellness and healing was required for the design of the new Critical Access Hospital in Osborne County, Kansas. For this agriculture community, access to local healthcare is essential for the economic vitality of their residents. Spectacular reflections of Kansas sunsets are presented in the exterior design of the hospital. Vivid and iridescent materials display a color palette that is recognizable to the region. The building becomes a brush stroke against the natural horizon of fields and farmland and welcomes warmth to its community.