Visa Solutions Healthcare specializes in the recruitment of foreign-educated English-speaking Registered Nurses and Allied Health professionals into US hospitals. Our model is unique in that it is direct hire, meaning the clinicians are the employees of the hospitals from day one and are committed to stay for at least three years, although most elect to stay permanently.

We understand the challenges of recruiting full time staff into rural markets. Travel nursing is neither sustainable nor affordable.  Hiring an international nurse or allied health clinician is approximately forty percent (40%) less than the cost of a travel nurse.

Our innovative approach to pricing mitigates the risk associated with recruitment of international healthcare professionals. We offer two options- a flat recruitment fee paid in three tranches with the final payment upon start date or a small hourly fee that is paid over a three-year period and can be cancelled at any time should the clinician not work out.

For more information, please call Kelly Brioso at 888-845-3711 ext 102 or write to kelly@visasolutions.com