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With over 12 years of trusted service delivery as a physician-founded and operated company, Equum Medical’s tech-enabled multi-specialty telehealth teams have been at the forefront of transforming care delivery. We proudly consider ourselves pioneers leveraging digital innovation to reshape the healthcare landscape. At Equum, we work in collaboration with healthcare providers of all sizes and locations, with a dedicated focus on ensuring that medically underserved regions have access to world-class specialist expertise. Our professionals are available around the clock, ensuring that critical gaps in clinical care are filled promptly, thereby enhancing quality and driving financial performance.


We distinguish ourselves through our Unique Value Proposition and differentiated delivery model: we are laser-focused on inpatient care, from ED to Discharge, and offer a comprehensive services platform that includes Multi-Specialty, High-Acuity, and Critical Care providers as well as acute Nursing and Safety Sitter teams. Secondly, our Universal Technology Approach supports service delivery through a hospital’s existing technology infrastructure, and our over 200 combined years of telehealth experience can guide executive telehealth platform decision-making. Lastly, our partner model concentrates on Total Patient Flow, connecting care areas and bedside teams with interlinked virtual providers to minimize gaps in care throughout the inpatient journey. Equum clients recognize our track record in improving patient outcomes and optimizing care delivery across the acute continuum.


Through our mission as a company, we stand committed to rural providers, designing our efforts to maximize resources and efficiency. Our mutual goal is to deliver equitable, affordable, and high-quality care for all patients within their communities.


As we continue to invest in transforming healthcare with digital innovation, we invite you to join us on this journey.


Karsten Russell-Wood

EQUUM Medical





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EQUUM Medical - Bridging the Gap: Leveraging Telehealth to Drive Value-Based Care in Rural Hospital Settings

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