Caravan Health is a privately held company formed to create a sustainable model for hospitals to excel in value-based payment models. Caravan Health got its start in rural health care transformation and recognized early on the opportunities of value-based payment for rural providers. We sponsored more than half of the ACOs in the highly successful ACO Investment Model (AIM), a program that encouraged smaller rural providers to start ACOs. AIM saved $382 million for Medicare demonstrating that with the right support and resources, rural providers can thrive in accountable care. 

Today, Caravan Health’s team of more than 150 experts has supported more than 300 health systems with training, data, analytics, patient satisfaction surveys, and evidence-based medicine programs.  Through our program of transparency and mutual accountability, Caravan Health has delivered more than 10 times the national average in real savings since 2015. Caravan Health is continuing its commitment to reducing barriers to entry for rural providers in value-based care by offering no-cost and no-risk entry into a Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO for January 2022. This opportunity will allow rural providers to benefit from Caravan’s long expertise in rural value-based payment without delay. With Caravan Health, now the numbers work. For more information, visit CaravanHealth.com

Todd Searls,VP of Business Development, Sales, & Marketing at Caravan Health

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