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As Dr. Deborah Birx recently told CNN’s State of the Union: “To everybody who lives in a rural area: You are not immune or protected from this virus.”  A true, total antibody test is a part of the solution for flattening the curve in rural America and WebbDX has that solution. 

Webb Diagnostic Technologies (WebbDX) was founded on three guiding principles:  Identify groundbreaking technologies, help to Solve large public health issues and Deliver those solutions to providers for the benefit of patients.  WebbDX’s current serological total antibody test does all three and is the only rapid assay that identifies the all-important Coronavirus (SARS-Cov2) antibody, IgA.

“Do I have IgA’s?”  This is the question that patients in rural hospitals and rural health clinics should be asking about antibody tests.  Identifying immunoglobulins that are specifically fighting the SARS-CoV2 virus are critical to getting America back to work and back to school.  Finding IgG’s and IgM’s are helpful, but only when we find the IgA’s that are doing work in the lungs. This is a respiratory disease and the lungs are where the virus attacks and is active.  Our test will help patients learn if they have already had the virus and recovered and are carrying some livel of immunity. 

WebbDX’s TOTAL ANTIBODY solution is one of the few FDA approved-to-sell tests that identifies the all-important IgA’s.  The results only take about one minute with no expensive equipment or complicated lab work.  

WebbDX’s test also gives rural hospitals and clinics an opportunity for cash payments for testing.  Mack Robinson, CEO of Trinity Healthcare Solutions, LLC, says taking the tests to the local businesses and factories is not only good public policy but profitable.  “When we tell an employer – which could be as small as a florist or a giant manufacturer – that we can tell their employees in one minute if they have the antibodies present to fight the virus the response is overwhelming,” said Robinson.  “We like knowing we can tell people if they have the IgAs present while simultaneously giving fast results.  WebbDX’s TOTAL ANTIBODY test is the only solution that can deliver that.”     


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