Net Revenue: Enhancing Rural Hospital Finances

At Net Revenue, we understand the unique challenges faced by rural hospitals, especially in the critical areas of OR and ER revenue. Our approach is tailored to support rural healthcare facilities, and we focus on maximizing your income from a clinical perspective.

Our mission is to complement your Hospital Revenue Cycle teams with our clinical expertise, enabling you to recover missed revenue and strengthen your financial bottom line. What sets us apart is our commitment to identifying missed charges and enhancing coding and E&M (Evaluation and Management) levels.

We work diligently to uncover procedures that might be overlooked in your current billing processes but should rightfully contribute to your revenue. Additionally, we address the issue of potentially undercoding accounts due to insufficient clinical documentation.

Rest assured, our approach is fully compliant with all billing regulations. We're not too good to be true; we simply focus on fair and reasonable charges from payers. We deeply understand the services your hospital provides to its rural community and the revenue opportunities that often go untapped. Through our retrospective review, we recoup the revenue you've missed and collaborate with your team to ensure that you capture 100% of these opportunities moving forward.

We are aware of the staffing constraints rural hospitals often face. Our approach won't burden your staff. Our clinical team takes the lead in reviewing all charges and handling the re-billing process. Your IT team only needs to provide data files, and your Revenue Cycle team simply needs to add new charges and post new payments. Many of our clients have reported that our process is as efficient as they had hoped, if not more so.

Your Revenue Cycle team will shine as the real heroes. Often, Revenue Cycle teams don't have the clinical expertise to enhance charges, but they certainly have the capacity to make improvements. By partnering with us, you'll see a sustained increase in revenue for years to come, and your Revenue Cycle team can take all the credit for this financial boost.

We prioritize a risk-free model. We operate on a win/win contingency basis, meaning you only pay us if we successfully increase your revenue. We charge a one-time contingency fee for the additional revenue we bring in during our retrospective review. After that, you'll retain 100% of the increased revenue, and this boost will continue year after year, long after our project is complete.

Net Revenue specializes in identifying and recovering additional revenue for Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) and rural hospitals, specifically from the OR and ER departments. Contact Jeff Popp or Tim Monroe to learn more about how we can help enhance your net revenue.


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