PIPELINE PARTNER - The Best Hospitalists

The Best Hospitalists (BHS), a physician-based staffing company in Plano, Texas, offers access to board-certified internal medicine physicians, intensivists, cardiologists, and nephrologists who have served rural communities for the last 15 years. They offer both temporary and full-time staffing services to many rural hospitals, as well as telemedicine services. The cornerstones of BHS' success are clinical excellence, affordable costs, quality improvement, and utilization management. 

See what your peers have to say about The Best Hospitalists:

They are very cost-effective, and all physicians are gracious and diligent in their duties.
--Claudia Eisenmann, Gibson General Hospital president and CEO, Princeton, Ind. 

The Best Hospitalists is very responsive and attentive, and they respond to requests immediately.
--Tom Simmons, Collom & Carney Clinic Association CEO, Texarkana, Texas

Their dedication, kindness, availability, and knowledge have been a blessing to our hospital.
--Patricia Boeckmann, Titus Regional  Medical Center chief operating officer, Mount Pleasant, Texas

We have been using them for the last eight years, and they have provided us with unparalleled support and a perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and responsiveness.
--Jym Bymark, Fairview Range Medical Center vice president of clinical development, Hibbing, Minn.

For more information, contact Jalal Akhbar, MD, The Best Hospitalists CEO, at 952-356-7381 or jalal@thebesthospitalists.com, or visit https://www.thebesthospitalists.com/home/