Similar to the National Rural Health Association, our common goal is to ensure the viability of rural community hospitals and continued access to care in rural areas across America. We’re committed to partnering alongside rural hospitals and healthcare systems across the country to guide them towards being the most successful healthcare organizations they can be. With solutions encompassing regulatory readiness, strategic affiliations, supply chain, process improvement, workforce efficiency, education and physician practice excellence, QHR is dedicated to creating focused strategies and solutions for your rural healthcare organization.


“We looked at several local and national healthcare consulting companies in our evaluation of potential partners to help institute the Lean Performance Improvement Process at North Country Hospital.  We selected Quorum Health Resources because of their deep knowledge of healthcare consulting and their approach to integrating Lean as the model for the existing quality improvement function, instead of Lean as a separate program. The Quorum consultants demonstrated experience, support an intimate understanding of challenges unique to healthcare.” – Claudio Fort, Chief Executive Officer North Country Hospital

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