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Accelerated Care Plus (ACP) is committed to helping our Rural Health partners provide outstanding patient care value. ACP offers innovative rehabilitation technologies and the expert guidance of 100+ PTs, OTs and SLPs to help you enhance patient outcomes.

In today's evolving healthcare environment, rural health providers face challenges ranging from mounting patient care complexities, changing government regulations, and increasing pressure to compete for referrals. ACP offers industry-leading benefits including onsite and remote clinical education & services, turn-key marketing solutions, and top-rated, live customer support. We provide your clinical care team with tools that can help improve patient outcomes, increase therapist support and expand rehab offerings available to your community.


"ACP's technology, training, and evidence-based clinical protocols have provided our therapists with more useful tools to achieve desired outcomes for our patients."

- Cooper Lewis, Director of Rehab, Tallahatchie General Hospital


6 Innovative Rehab Technologies 


Evidence-Based Clinical Programs 

The following ACP-supported clinical programs represent common rehabilitation focuses and enable your clinical care team to take a condition-specific approach in implementing our rehab technologies:


++ More than 600 online CE Courses for Therapists, Nurses and Administrators ++


++ Onsite and Remote Clinical Services and Training

by more than 100 Expert PTs, OTs and SLPs ++


++ On-Demand Customer Support ++


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Dave Sen, DPT - Sales and Marketing Development Manager 
(609) 471-0834
Amy Walker, PT - Senior Sales Manager, West
(312) 415-8921
Heather Purvis - Senior Sales Manager, East
(910) 512-6040


For more information visit our website www.acplus.com

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Preview of all ACP Rehab Technologies Synchrony -- sEMG Dysphagia System OmniVR -- Virtual Rehabilitation System OmniStand -- Fall-Safe Dynamic Balance System OmniCycle Elite -- Motorized Rehabilitation System OmniSWD -- Shortwave Diathermy System OmniVersa -- Electrotherapy and Ultrasound Therapy System
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