With over 700 plus rural hospitals closed since 2010 and many at risk of closing, rural health is struggling to survive amid declining reimbursements and shrinking budgets.  Fortunately, there are solutions available to rural health facilities to help enhance care, better manage their facilities, and to maximize patient volumes and profitability.

For over 30 years, MEDHOST has been a partner to healthcare facilities of all types and sizes including rural health facilities like yours to help enhance the care experience and achieve operational excellence so they can focus on what matters most to them: their patients, their communities, and their business.

A strategic ally to over 1,000 healthcare facilities, MEDHOST offers a full suite of healthcare IT and business solutions including, a fully integrated EHR and other clinical and financial tools, hosting services, unparalleled support and implementation services, and an emergency department information system complete with robust reporting tools.

As a National Rural Health Association partner, MEDHOST is committed to supporting the mission of rural health facilities and community hospitals to improve efficiency of health services and develop strategies for change.

MEDHOST solutions for rural healthcare are developed with clinicians in mind, which fosters rapid clinical adoption and widespread efficiency. These solutions include but are not limited to:

Fully Integrated EHR

MEDHOST’s fully integrated Enterprise EHR offers Patient Tracking, CPOE, Nurse Charting, Physician Documentation. MEDHOST EHR integrates with data repositories accessed by ambulatory departments and clinics, primary care provider systems and more.

Revenue Cycle and Financial Solutions

MEDHOST’s suite of financial applications helps you streamline accounting processes, manage resources more effectively, improve cash flow, and enhance revenue. MEDHOST Financial Solutions features a comprehensive suite of applications fully integrated with our Health Information System (HIS), as well as workflow-enabled Revenue Cycle and Patient Access Solution.


MEDHOST Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) is a robust EHR for the ED. EDIS can help deliver fewer documentation errors, more revenue for hospitals, faster patient throughput and higher patient satisfaction scores. Designed by physicians and nurses, we’ve eliminated drop-down menus, unnecessary screens, confusing dialogue boxes and multiple key strokes that impede care and put patients at risk.

Hosted and Managed solutions

MEDHOST Hosted and Managed Services helps you manage the complexities of the health information technology environment taking the pressure off your internal information technology teams while adding standardization. Hosted and Managed services also help contain costs and provide a more predictable IT cost structure.

Business Office and Revenue Cycle Management Services

 MEDHOST Offers an array of business services and revenue cycle services to help rural healthcare facilities with billing, statement processing, and account follow-up services to get bills out the door efficiently and cash in the door quickly. Additionally, MEDHOST Business Office Services can help with any customized and special projects that can help alleviate business administration challenges and accelerate your revenue cycle.

Exceptional Customer Support and implementation

MEDHOST provides market-leading support with highly-experienced support staff.  With 96% customer satisfaction score and 82% first day resolve rate, you cannot go wrong with MEDHOST. Additionally, MEDHOST offers highly-rated implementation specialists with deep knowledge and background experience to help ensure smooth implementations.

At MEDHOST, we understand the challenges of the rural healthcare environment and have built our solutions to help you overcome those challenges. As a trusted and leading provider of inpatient solutions, MEDHOST helps rural health hospitals to better manage and engage consumers through robust technology solutions and all-encompassing provider tools.

Patient Scheduling and Referral

Community BridgeTM streamlines the entire care coordination process for patients and healthcare professionals. Our intuitive, easy-to-use portal simplifies the entire care process for everyone involved.

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