Cariend understands the pressures on rural hospitals and their surrounding communities, particularly when rural health facilities experience transitions such as new ownership, changes in available services, or even closure. With over 30 years of experience in the records management industry, Cariend is committed to educating healthcare providers about the challenges and opportunities of record retention and access when a medical facility closes or consolidates, with our utmost focus on ensuring continuity of care for the community.


About US

Cariend serves as a custodian of records removing the burden of managing hardcopy and digital information once a medical facility ceases all or part of its operations.  We understand the many facets to closing, consolidating, or acquiring practices and the critical decisions associated with managing both physical and digital records.  As these decisions can be daunting due to the statutory retention requirements, our team leverages many years of experience to design a customized solution that provides compliance, continuity of care, and cost certainty so providers don’t have to worry about their records. Having walked hundreds of clients through these transitions, Cariend is uniquely positioned to offer valuable consultation, education, and resources to ensure a smooth transition.


Our Services

As a records custodian, Cariend accomplishes the following:

  • Advises healthcare providers on their responsibilities for patient, employee, and business records upon closing, consolidating, or acquiring a medical facility.
  • Quickly assesses and consolidates all medical and business records from various sources and sites.
  • Provides logistics for securely organizing and transferring custody of hardcopy and digital records.
  • Enables immediate access to medical records to ensure continuity of care for patients.
  • Smooths disruptive transitions for employees and medical staff, who need access to business records for credentialing as they move forward.
  • Provides long-term solutions for records, when the statutory retention requirement is typically between 6 and 25 years, ensuring HIPAA-compliant storage, management, and release of information services.
  • Automates retention and completes NAID-certified destruction services once records meet their statutory retention requirement.  
  • Enables hospital management to walk away with confidence from all of the records management responsibilities once a site closes.
  • Provides cost-certainty and assurance, particularly when the costs to manage records extend for decades, but the healthcare system is no longer realizing revenues for that site or service line to offset the expense. 
  • Manages and provides release of information for Legacy EMR/EHR systems enabling healthcare providers to fully embrace their EMR without having digital records stored in various systems with multiple licensing obligations.

For more information, read our solutions brief here.


What Makes Us Different

  • Our Leadership Team has 30+ years of experience solving complex healthcare records problems, including leadership roles in our industry trade association and tenure with the largest companies in our space. 
  • We designed the solution to address the service gaps of other solutions, such as: 
    • A single solution for hardcopy and digital, medical and business records.
    • The capacity to conduct projects throughout the United States on a short timeline.
    • Zero cost for patients retrieving records.
  • We work with clients of all types and sizes, including health systems, government agencies, hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, long-term care facilities, behavioral health providers, and sole practitioners. 
  • Cost Certainty: our clients pay in advance for a permanent solution so they can walk away from a closed facility with confidence. 
  • The solution begins with a facility visit to understand scope and make a tailored recommendation based on each client’s unique requirements.


Why We Partner with NRHA

Cariend is committed to serving rural communities experiencing the pressures caused by local hospitals in transition. Similar to the National Rural Health Association’s (NRHA) mission to provide leadership on rural health issues through communication and education, Cariend strives to be a resource to help healthcare providers navigate uncertain times. We offer our decades of involvement in hospital transitions to the rural health community at no cost, offering confidential expertise on the rules, strategy, and resources available as they consider their options.



Christopher Jones, CEO

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 Brian Field, EVP

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