Jeremy Foley has been recruiting to rural markets for over 14 years.  With three-quarters of that experience being Critical Access Hospitals, Rural Health Clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers and Community Mental Health Centers.


No one knows underserved markets better than we do.  Jeremy has had the unique opportunity to have traveled much of the country.  And toured the facilities of many clients over the years.  Getting a firsthand look on how communities engage with local and regional health services.


Our focus is on placing long term hires only (3+ year contracts at a minimum) With efforts for all healthcare providers, executives and senior leadership.  PX3 is growing to serve the ever-increasing need for key members in rural medicine.  The team, backed by Jeremy’s expertise and oversight.  Will deliver the same attention to detail.  Comprehension of rural markets.  And execution of win-win outcomes.





We use a proprietary approach that proactively filters the best candidates for your role. We are not a resume service. We are people who place people. Which means we get to know your healthcare setting and the role, what’s been happening recently, and your plans for the future. We also look at the personal attributes and soft skills required, so every candidate is the right fit for your community and culture.



We make healthcare hiring effortless for our clients. Instead of expecting busy decision makers to waste time and resources interviewing the wrong candidates, our approach means we only put forward those who meet the exact criteria you want. We are passionate about what we do, so we put the effort in. This means you get the right people faster and avoid any lost revenue or additional issues when it takes too long to fill a position.



We believe the art of good hiring is about understanding people. Recruitment and search should never be a transaction. It’s a complex, nuanced process that needs dedicated professionals. Rural Healthcare is a special sector that requires passion, understanding, expertise and the ability to connect with people. This is what defines professionalism for us.




Jeremy Foley

Chief Executive Officer

PX3 Medical


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