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We are Rural Strong

Legato Healthcare Marketing is the national expert in healthcare marketing for rural hospitals. We are the exclusive marketing partner of the National Rural Health Association and have several other regional affiliations. While we have begun branching out into marketing areas such as specialty clinics and practices, our foundation and primary focus remains on helping rural hospitals compete in an ever-changing and challenging healthcare marketplace.

Optimizing Resources  

When you have limited marketing resources and budgets, it's essential to put what you do have into the areas that will achieve the greatest results. This requires prioritization and focus—something not so easily done when facing internal demands to market every capability you have. We can help you identify where and how to optimize your marketing resources to build a competitive advantage and, ultimately, add to your bottom line.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

For more than 10 years, Legato has composed strategic marketing plans that produce tangible results for hospitals and other organizations in the rural health industry. We are proficient in: 

  • Branding
  • Business, marketing, and advertising planning
  • Traditional media (print, direct mail, television, outdoor, and radio) 
  • Community magazines and newsletters
  • Digital marketing 
  • Website design and development 
  • B2B marketing
  • Demand generation
  • Content creation 
  • Internal communication strategies 
  • Public relations
  • Social media planning and management
  • Streaming video and audio
  • Reputation management

Our Clients Trust Us

Legato has a proven track record of partnering with healthcare organizations of all sizes to revitalize their brand and build service lines, using a tried and true planning process that others try to emulate. Our dedicated team of healthcare marketing experts understand and value: 

  • The importance of a strong brand
  • The perceptions and insights of the healthcare consumer 
  • Results-oriented strategies that build patient volumes
  • Innovative thinking to maximize opportunities
  • Changes in healthcare delivery 

Consistently Driving the Results You Need

In the face of major challenges and an increasingly crowded marketplace, hospitals that have chosen to partner with us have not only survived, they’ve thrived. Our clients love our work, but they’re even fonder of the results we produce for them: 

  • Boosted patient volumes by 17% in 10 months and increased diagnostic revenue by 32% for a critical access hospital after developing an education-focused primary care campaign.
  • Created a community event aimed at informing the public about a new specialty service. 93% of attendees rated the event as "excellent," and procedures doubled for this service in the following six months.
  • Launched a community magazine in a rural market, which led to increased patient volumes and a "feeling of connectedness" to the hospital among the community.
  • Boosted family practice revenue through a targeted digital marketing strategy that increased service awareness, market share, and added an additional 40 patients per month.

Get the Competitive Advantage

Legato can help you identify where and how to optimize your marketing resources to leverage your competitive advantage, to meet your goals and increase revenue. Schedule a consultation with our team today by calling (920) 544-8102 ext. 101 or complete this online form with your contact information.

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