Intalere, a Vizent company, is the exclusive group purchasing partner of NRHA.

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) such as Intalere help healthcare providers realize savings by aggregating purchasing volume of members and using that leverage to negotiate discounts on behalf of their members with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. Intalere works with healthcare providers to save money on virtually everything they buy.

We can help rural healthcare facilities through:

·       A customized approach to cost savings utilizing a portfolio of tools, resources and contracting solutions focused on the rural healthcare market.We can bring significant savingsby analyzing your daily spend and providing you with workable and actionable information to effectively manage costs.

·        Expert guidance, resources and unparalleled customer service through supply chain experts, clinical and facility specialists focused on helping rural facilities deal with their unique challenges.

·        Linking NRHA membership to best practices for rural healthcare providers in the areas of financial, clinical and operational efficiencies.

Intalere shares the NRHA’s mission of improving the health and well-being of rural Americans, and has the expertise and tools to collaborate on customized initiatives to improve margins and enhance healthcare quality for more 21,000 NRHA members. 

Currently, currently hundreds of NRHA members partner with Intalere to reduce costs and improve quality. Evidence of this focus is highlighted in the recent success story Intalere Engagement Brings Transformative Materials Management Changes to Columbia County Health System

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