Keeping Rural Healthcare Safe in a Complex and Connected World

America needs rural healthcare and rural healthcare has always responded to provide the highest quality care to their communities.  Unfortunately, there are those that would disrupt the quality of care through cyber threats and attacks that can cause service outages, financial demands and exposure of patient’s personal health information.  Protecting healthcare organizations from the damage that can be caused by cyber criminals and helping to maintain compliance standards is what SilverSky has been doing for over twenty years. 

Around-the-Clock Protection

Rural healthcare doesn’t take days off and neither do we.  Protecting you around-the-clock with highly skilled security operations analysts lets you rest assured that threats are identified quickly and our expertise is brought to bear to inform you and help remediate the problems before they get out of hand.

Protecting Your Entire Organization

Cyber criminals are creative with the types of attacks they employ to get inside your organization and SilverSky has solutions to protect against these attacks no matter which area they try to take advantage of.

Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Service watches over your network devices like firewalls and servers to make sure attacks don’t get through the security perimeter you’ve established.  This helps ensure your devices are always up-to-date and have humans watching over them at all times.

Cloud Email and Collaboration

As rural healthcare has made the transition to digital solutions for both clinical and administrative functions, email and collaboration tools continue to be the most attacked IT area.  SilverSky removes the headache of managing email systems with our hosted Exchange offering or Office 365 offerings.  In addition to being a cost-effective solution, SilverSky provides services for Social Engineering Protection, Targeted Attack Protection and Data Loss Prevention to strengthen your HIPAA compliance posture.

Professional Services

SilverSky has experienced cybersecurity consultants to help you define or update your cybersecurity plans, assess or test your network security and even make sure your users are educated to understand what cyber-attacks like social engineering look like.

SilverSky is proud to be a Gold Member of the National Rural Healthcare Association and we stand ready to help protect your healthcare organization so you can care for and protect your patients. 


Ryan Sanders, Senior Healthcare Executive

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Managed Security Services - SilverSky

With the acceleration of cyber threats across new security vectors, the effort, skill, and technology needed to defend against these threats continues to increase dramatically. Security teams can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of alerts and the complexity of responding to threats. For over 20 years, SilverSky has provided cybersecurity services to small and mid-sized businesses, specializing in regulated industries. Our services continue to evolve to stay in front of the demands of the threat landscape as well as the regulatory audit requirements our customers are subjected to. Over the years, SilverSky has developed a comprehensive portfolio that delivers a robust yet economical layered defense system.