VIVEX Biologics is a regenerative solutions company improving patient care through the innovation of tissue-based therapies. VIVEX strives to create treatment options and solutions that will help improve clinical, surgical, and therapeutic patient outcomes.  VIVEX owns and operates the oldest civilian tissue bank in the country. The underpinnings of our regenerative solutions technologies date back 50 years to the founding of the University of Miami Tissue Bank in 1970.  We experienced multiple firsts in clinical and scientific achievement leading up to 2014 when VIVEX acquired the University of Miami Tissue Bank. This acquisition streamlined our strategic plan to focus on new regenerative solutions, research and development, expansion of manufacturing capabilities, and sales and marketing efforts.  Our products are regulated by the FDA and are used to improve the lives of more than 100,000 patients annually. VIVEX has distributed over 2 million allografts with no disease transmission—an unmatched history of safety in the industry.  

VIVEX Biologics is committed to meeting the needs of Critical Access Hospitals and rural health providers. VIVEX can help you develop wound care and orthopedic programs to help manage your patients locally, improving their care and outcomes.  

VIVEX offers:

Wound Care and Amnion Therapies

  • Our Wound Care and Amnion Therapies solutions support surgical wound applications in spine, orthopedic, and neurosurgery and act as a barrier for applications to external wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure wounds and burns.
  • The natural properties of our amniotic allografts provide mechanical protection to damaged tissue, and our minimally manipulated Integrity Processing™ methods are designed to retain the naturally occurring growth factors in these products.
  • Our Wound Care and Amnion Therapies product offerings includes:
    • CYGNUS – a family of amnion tissue allografts intended as a barrier for wounds or as a surgical covering of hardware or exposed tissue.
    • MIAMNION – a family of large amnion allograft intended for large wounds, such as burns.
    • ALLGEN – a liquid matrix allografts derived from amniotic fluid intended to provide cushioning within joint capsules.


  • Our Ortho-Fusion Therapies solutions are designed to support the body’s natural healing process across a wide spectrum of surgical applications and disciplines, including spine, sports medicine, trauma, foot/ankle, general orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, and podiatry.
  • The VIA Series of Viable Allogeneic Bone Matrices all incorporate VIA Coat™, our proprietary DMSO-free cryoprotectant, which eliminates the need for rinsing and decanting steps prior to use, decreasing handling and preparation time in the OR to less than 20 minutes.
  • In addition to our VIA® Graft and VIA® Form Viable Allogeneic Matrix solutions, we also offer a variety of Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM), Sports Medicine, Soft Tissue and other Allograft solutions.
  • Our Ortho-Fusion product offerings include:
    • VIAGRAFT and VIAFORM- a viable allogenic bone allografts intended for use in bone remodeling.
    • VEGAGRAFT- a demineralized cancellous sponge blocks and strips
    • FENFLEX – a fenestrated demineralized cortical graft
    • VIAFILL – a demineralized bone fibers with superior handling characteristics for use in bone remodeling
    • DBM100 – a paste intended for use as a bone void filler for the treatment of surgically created or traumatic skeletal defects.
    • DBMPLUS- a demineralized bone matrix putty with cancellous bone chips

Product Training and Reimbursement Support:

  • VIVEX offers product training designed to help Critical Access Hospitals to help optimize the use of VIVEX products.
  • VIVEX’s reimbursement support team is available to education and support Critical Access Hospitals in the use and billing of our products.


To learn more, please visit www.VIVEX.com.

Stephanie Gonzalez, MBA
Director, Amnion & Wound Care Therapies
VIVEX Biologics