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Timely access to quality healthcare is essential; and patients need access to care in the communities where they live. Rural and Critical Access Hospitals serve a fundamental purpose in their communities, but unfortunately, many lack adequate funding to acquire care technology and are unable to meet patient care needs. Thus, patients choose a major metropolitan hospital over one in their own community, and experienced nurses and providers search elsewhere for employment. Furthermore, as breakdowns in communication continue to cause 70% of all medical errors across the healthcare continuum, gaps in communication technology and reliance on manual care processes continue to increase a patient’s risk for harm.

West-Com’s innovative, sustainable nurse call solutions improve patient/staff communication, facilitate care coordination and collaboration, streamline workflows, improve patient access, and augment care delivery. Our goal is to equip your facility and staff with the necessary technology to ensure you can provide the level of care desired by patients in your community rather than forcing them to neighbor city hospitals. West-Com is modernizing the patient room with a scalable nurse call system that can easily expand from traditional nurse call to enhanced workflow & patient/family engagement solutions that include mobile devices, real time locating, and telehealth. Our platform improves the quality of care by helping you implement and track clinical initiatives such as fall prevention, noise reduction, infection prevention, patient satisfaction, and nurse retention. Furthermore, you can be assured your investment is protected as West-Com systems are designed with a guaranteed upgrade path to new updates and innovations and will never issue an end-of-life date.

Over the past 24 months, West-Com has been elevating care and modernizing patient rooms in rural and critical access hospitals through a first of its kind, Patient CareBoard™ with telehealth services. Not only are facilities experiencing a drastic reduction in patient calls (over 32%), patient and staff satisfaction is also improving. West-Com’s digital CareBoards provide a hands free, easy way to communicate patient care plans among staff, patients, and families by replacing the white board in the patient room. CareBoards facilitate patient education, family engagement, family access, physician telehealth visits, safety monitoring and so much more. Virtual visits for remote family, clergy, and translators, along with expanded access to healthcare experts can improve the level of care that a rural facility can offer to all patients.

West-Com technology helps create a safer environment for both patients and staff, while increasing patient outcomes, elevating caregiver satisfaction, and streamlining efficiencies throughout your facility. Together, we will modernize your patient care communication to deliver quality care to patients right in their hometown.



Marc Peters, CEO

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