PIPELINE PARTNER - Huron Consulting Group

Huron is a global organization that delivers transformational work to a variety of industries including Healthcare. Our experts have a strong focus in improving our industry to optimize existing business operations, improve clinical outcomes and create a more consumer-centric healthcare experiences. We specialize in a variety of areas such as care transformation, culture transformation and employee engagement, executive coaching, strategic planning, and much more. We have dedicated teams that specialize in the rural market and addressing its specific challenges through methods that vary from, in-person coaching to digital support, all catered to the need of the rural organization.


  • People Focus Strategy (Workforce, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Engagement, etc.) - Tad Hunt, Senior Director
  • Change Management & Leadership - Tad Hunt, Senior Director
  • Digital Transformation, Information Technology, and Virtual Care - Donna McHale, Principal, Jessica Duke, Director, & Greg Grymek, Director
  • Financial Stability - Michael Gladson, Managing Director
  • Strategic Planning - Tad Hunt, Senior Director & Michael Gladson, Managing Director


Tad Hunt

Senior Director