PIPELINE PARTNER - Synergy Surgicalists

Synergy Surgicalists goes beyond locums to build strong teams of acute care general, orthopedic, and trauma surgeons that provide 24/7 coverage for our facility partners.

"Humboldt General Hospital has been partners with Synergy since January 15, 2016. We have had a good relationship with their management team and their physicians. For a new, start-up program, we have met with great success financially and in terms of clinical quality. Their physicians have worked with us on supply and equipment needs and have been very patient with us. They have taken the time to work with our staff, train them, and encourage them.  The addition of orthopedics has been a tremendous service to our very isolated community. Our patients are able to stay at home and receive great care. We are very pleased with our relationship with Synergy Surgicalists!"
                             - James G. Parrish, FACHE, FACMPE; CEO/Administrator; Humboldt General Hospital

Suzanne Barnette
Synergy Surgicalists, Inc.
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