PIPELINE PARTNER - Synergy Health Partners

At Synergy Health Partners, we understand the unique challenges faced by rural healthcare executives. That's why we offer a fully managed Surgicalist Program tailored to meet the specific needs of hospitals in rural areas. Our mission is to provide full access to essential General, Trauma, and Orthopedic surgical services through collaborative partnerships. Based on your specific needs, we can partner to provide acute care, call coverage, and elective services. Our aim is to keep your community close to home and give you the ability to provide access to high-quality surgical services.

Our innovative approach brings solutions to rural hospitals that may struggle to recruit high-caliber surgeons into the community. We put our recruiters and Synergy’s strong network of providers to work to build, implement, and manage access to surgical services in your facility.

Our partnerships with clinicians and hospitals are founded on our commitment to patient access and delivery of superior patient care. We listen to and fully understand our client's needs as we work together to establish each service line as a center of excellence in the community. Our goal is to foster long-term relationships with rural hospitals and ensure ongoing access to outstanding care within rural communities. Synergy Health Partners is your resource for the implementation and growth of your surgical service lines. We look forward to connecting soon!



Alyssa McClure

Synergy Health Partners