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Synergy Health Partners is a national, physician-first firm dedicated to solving some of the biggest challenges faced by hospitals today with custom staffing programs, call compensation management, and emergency department performance management. The company is the result of the 2020 consolidation of Synergy Surgicalists and EA Health. As a physician-led organization, the Synergy Health Partners executive team holds decades of experience in hospital-based staffing, healthcare administration, and service line performance management. Synergy Health Partners serves hospitals in need of physician leaders and call coverage compensation solutions by delivering custom provider teams and services designed to bolster overall performance. With every managed program, hospital partners gain operational intelligence through Synergy Health Partners’ proprietary data and analytics reporting. Please visit synergy-hp.com for more information.

Cory Ampe
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Phone: 858-759-4765 x20
Mobile: 414-526-3868

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