For rural hospitals to flourish, they must come together to collaborate to be able to take advantage of some of the strategies that large hospital systems have been doing for years. With this in mind, NRHA recognized a need to create an insurance programs for its members. They searched for a program manager and decided HealthSure would be the best choice to manage the program. Together HealthSure and NRHA created the Rural Hospital Insurance of America (RHIA) program.

HealthSure is a risk consulting and insurance agency focused solely on the healthcare industry. In the past 20 years, over 300 healthcare organizations have come to rely on us to prevent surprises, protect all their assets, and make sure their opportunity to prosper is unimpeded by risk.

HealthSure has successfully developed and managed insurance programs for rural hospitals. One example of our successful programs is the TORCH insurance program. A program that has flourished in the 10 years that HealthSure has been managing it. RHIA members get to take advantage of that experience and collaboration with rural hospitals across the country.

At HealthSure, we show rural hospitals that they never have to go it alone. Our singular focus on healthcare and our approach to ensuring our clients realize the maximum possible return on their risk and insurance strategies sets us apart from all others.

Through RHIA and related initiatives like the Community Hospital Insurance Coalition (CHIC), Equipment Maintenance Contract Alternatives (eMCA), we empower our clients to:

  • Stop renting their insurance year-to-year
  • Own their insurance and take back control from the big insurance companies
  • Manage insurance as an asset not a product to realize superior ROI on every cent spent on insurance
  • Transform risk into an asset and stop paying the insurance companies to manage and profit from their risk assets
  • Take direct aim at the volatility risk produces to mitigate or eliminate that volatility