PIPELINE PARTNER - Intersect Healthcare, Inc.

Intersect Healthcare provides the most proven and advanced audit/denial/appeal technology (Veracity) and on-time dedicated appeal support services (AppealMasters) to hospitals and health systems across the United States.

From the very beginning, Intersect Healthcare, Inc. (IHI) has been focused on technological development and appeal service initiatives on revenue protection for hospitals who have been unfairly denied payments by government and commercial payers. IHI was the first to market in 2004 with automated denial management tracking and defense, and introduced the first to market solution for the RAC Audit program in 2007.

We are now privileged to serve over 500 hospitals nationwide with an enterprise-wide revenue risk management approach, and remain solely dedicated to righting these payer wrongs with better processes. We are continuously focused on the growing needs of our customers, as payers and auditors squeeze crucial hospital reimbursements through denial/audit tactics bordering on abuse and malfeasance.

In 2003, our very first client was a small, semi-rural hospital located in Fairmont, West Virginia. Sadly, they have since closed, not an uncommon scenario in today’s health care economy. It is an honor and a privilege to be selected as an NRHA partner, to defend and serve those of you who are so incredibly dedicated to your communities. We promise to be in the fight with you, with a mission-driven approach, a sense of real purpose and real commitment, all the way to the end.

Love all and serve all,

Brian McGraw

Founder & President




Rick Scott