Net Revenue is a specialty Revenue Integrity firm with unparalleled clinical and financial expertise related to the OR & ER. With over 50% of any hospital’s admissions coming from these two departments we understand the importance and complexities of managing their financial health. Utilizing a team of clinical and financial experts, our hands-on approach allows us to discover revenue opportunities, capture previously unrecognized revenue, bridge the gap between clinical workflows and financial accountability and implement a customized, sustainable, working solution for revenue growth. Net Revenue was founded by healthcare professionals to aid organizations with financial success.


We understand the many challenges of operating critical access and rural healthcare facilities and the important role these organizations play not only in delivering healthcare to their communities, but also the economic benefits they provide to the community. Our team members have years of experience working with critical access and rural facilities, and many also have worked at both types of facilities. We understand that each facility is unique and each face challenges specific to the communities they serve.


Our process is simple and starts with a no cost review. If we don’t find an opportunity, which is rare, you pay nothing for the review. When we do identify opportunity, we guide you through the process to pursue the additional revenue. We provide a sustainable revenue recognition plan, to fully realize and report the nursing activity to achieve the appropriate level of revenue. We do the work to recover the missing revenue and work with your clinical and financial teams to make the necessary adjustments, so the revenue is realized moving forward. Net Revenue uncovers revenue opportunities that simply would go unnoticed otherwise. Your clinical team provide outstanding care for your patients, so make sure you recognize those efforts with full revenue recognition. Helping critical access and rural hospitals thrive is what we do.


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