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Nuance, the pioneer and leader in conversational AI innovations, provides intelligent systems that support a more natural and insightful approach to clinical documentation – freeing clinicians to spend more time caring for patients. Nuance healthcare solutions capture, improve, and communicate 300 million patient stories each year, helping 500,000 clinicians in 10,000 global healthcare organizations to drive meaningful clinical and financial outcomes. Nuance’s award-winning clinical speech recognition, medical transcription, virtual assistants, CAPD, CDI, coding, quality, and medical imaging solutions provide a more complete and accurate view of patient care.

Helping smaller hospitals reach bigger goals:
Community and rural hospitals — faced with personnel shortages, increasing costs and reduced reimbursement — must make the most of every second and every cent. Nuance clinical documentation solutions help care teams make the most of their time and resources by offering a more natural and efficient way to capture the patient story.

Award-winning solutions:
Documentation capture solutions:
Secure, cloud-based clinical documentation capabilities help clinicians accurately and efficiently capture the patient story into all major EHRs, Speech RecognitionTranscription and virtual assistants  offer the freedom and flexibility to complete patient notes and simplify the documentation process using automated workflow options that dramatically boost productivity and reduce costs.

Clinical and revenue integrity solutions:
AI-powered documentation guidance solutions that deliver real-time intelligence to improve clinical quality and patient outcomes across the continuum of care. Computer Assisted DocumentationClinical Documentation Improvement and Coding Solutions integrate proven clinical strategies with specialty workflows offering a unique approach to capturing and coding the right clinical information at the right time.

Quality management solutions:
Cloud-based solutions offer real-time quality information designed to better monitor performance and improve clinical, financial and patient outcomes.

EHR Services:
Clinicians require highly skilled and workflow-centric assistance to help them use the extensive features of their EHR effectively. Our team of clinically trained experts provide real-time support with a high rate of first call resolution for Epic, Cerner and MEDITECH Expanse users. 

Medical imaging solutions:
We’re transforming radiology with AI and cloud-based solutions that demonstrate value and provide better patient care. We free the radiology team from distractions, interruptions, and delays that get in the way of staying focused, moving quickly, and working smarter. We ensure every detail of the patient’s journey is thoroughly seen through so that the best clinical, operational, and financial outcomes are realized.

The Nuance Difference:
The Nuance portfolio, collective capabilities, and critical expertise allows us to deliver unique outcomes. With our healthcare expertise, Nuance takes a clinical approach with the most up-to-date content and guidance to improve clinical outcomes. Our AI technology foundation allows for a cloud-based infrastructure, quicker deployment times and advanced analytics to provide comprehensive insight into key metrics. Finally, Nuance’s deep integration into the EHR workflow means fewer clicks for clinicians and less maintenance for the IT staff moving forward.

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Natalie Holtgrefe, Marketing Campaign Manager
Community Healthcare Market