PIPELINE PARTNER - Colliers Mortgage

Colliers Mortgage LLC provides value to healthcare and community leaders by
offering financing options designed to meet their individual strategic, operational and
financial objectives. We explore multiple financing options (including tax-exempt bonds
(rated and non-rated), USDA Community Facilities Direct and Guaranteed Loans and FHA
Section 242 loans.

Colliers Mortgage’s rural healthcare financing expertise has been recognized by the
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) which awarded Colliers Mortgage its
designation as a Non-Traditional Lender under the USDA’s Community Facilities Guaranteed
Loan Program. Only a handful of non-bank lenders have been awarded this designation. It
evidences Colliers Mortgage’s rural healthcare lending and servicing expertise as well as
the firm’s capital strength.

We serve clients of all sizes and have a specialized team that works with rural healthcare
provider organizations for projects including acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities,
assisted living facilities and community health centers. Our mission is to help communities
modernize and reinvent their healthcare infrastructure so that they can better meet the
healthcare needs of their residents with high quality and efficient services. This commitment
benefits rural healthcare clients through a shared vision of success. Our rural healthcare
financing team has created an effective and efficient process that partners with healthcare
provider leadership to determine needs, financial/debt capacity and the lowest available cost
of capital.



Samuel J. Butler

Executive Vice President




Charles Ervin

Senior Vice President



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