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Gold Partner—Eagle Telemedicine

Telemedicine is becoming an integral part of healthcare today, and Eagle Telemedicine plays a major role. Founded in 1998, Eagle Telemedicine is an independent, physician-led company that has pioneered inpatient telemedicine physician services to bring hard-to-find physician resources to rural communities. And Eagle continues to evolve its model to bring various specialties, such as neurological and psychiatric care, to the telemedicine arena.


What We Offer

With Eagle’s Telemedicine services, patients and providers receive personal attention and evaluation by speaking face-to-face to a specialist, in real time. No matter how remote the hospital, the nation’s finest specialists can be “beamed in” via two-way videoconferencing to treat patients on a regular basis. The bottom line benefit? Rural hospitals increase monthly patient volume by reducing transfers to tertiary facilities.


Advantages for Rural Hospitals

One of Eagle’s recent teleneurology implementations was a rural hospital in America’s heartland, where the COO projects a $200,000 reduction in locum support costs annually and additional revenues in excess of $55,000 a year—largely through the hospital’s ability to diagnose and treat stroke and other acute neurology patients without having to transfer them to larger hospitals many miles away. It’s just one of many gains Eagle is helping hospitals achieve through telemedicine—not only in their financial security, but also in the level of care they are able to provide.


At another hospital in the Midwest, Eagle telemedicine has greatly improved documentation accuracy in the ER during the admissions process, helping ensure the hospital gets all the Medicare and private insurance reimbursement it deserves for the services it performs. Telemedicine hospitalists interface via teleconferencing technology with physicians and physician assistants in the ER. On a 24x7 basis, they are available to ensure that care is timely and documentation is thorough when the ER physicians admit patients.


Widespread Appreciation by Patients

At Eagle, patients tell us that they feel telemedicine is even more personal than a face-to-face visit with a physician in a hospital. They appreciate the fact that the physicians beamed into their room through videoconferencing technology are totally focused on them, not distracted by pagers, phone calls, or other interruptions. Older patients are as appreciative of the technology as younger ones.


A Variety of Programs to Meet Your Needs

Eagle offers these specialized telemedicine programs:

  • Collaborative Care—Eagle Telemedicine supports NP/PA management by providing access to physicians offsite who can guide and advise clinical staff to provide comprehensive local care. Through telemedicine technology, hospitalists participate in daily rounds via live videoconferencing and are available 24/7 to collaborate on patient care.


  • Telenocturnists—Eagle provides an efficient, highly functional alternative to nighttime care in rural hospitals. Instead of waiting for daytime hospitalists, patients receive real-time diagnoses and treatment at night from experts. Hospitals benefit by reducing physician burn-out and attrition,  and making night nursing teams more effective.


  • Tele-ICU—With more than 5 million patients treated in ICUs each year and the supply of qualified ICU intensivists on the decline, Eagle Telemedicine offers help to hospitals. Through cutting edge technology, Eagle provides offsite ICU physicians to provide expert care at patients’ bedsides.


  • Teleneurology—When it comes to acute stroke, time is brain. Eagle teleneurologists have an impressive track record: an average response time of 3.5 minutes, and an average diagnosis and treatment time of 21.8 minutes for stroke and other acute neurology patients. Eagle offers a top-notch program that can make even the most remote hospital a center for quality neurological care.


  • Telepsychiatry—The need for behavioral care is rapidly growing in the U.S., with one out of five American adults experiencing a mental illness every year. Hospitals can meet the demand with a telepsychiatry program that provides counseling expertise to patients, no matter where the facility is located.


Checklist of Benefits

Eagle Telemedicine’s mission is to bring the best physicians in inpatient medicine to the patient’s bedside in every hospital. In summary, Eagle Telemedicine delivers benefits to rural hospitals that include:

  • Provision of care to patients in their home communities
  • Around-the-clock access to expertise
  • Improved quality of care
  • Reduced unnecessary transfers of patients
  • Increased admissions and revenue


Become part of the Eagle Telemedicine community. Contact us today for more information on how our clinical champions can benefit your facility.



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