GOLD PARTNER - First Choice Cooperative

First Choice Cooperative is the most innovative and cost effective group purchasing coop in the United States. FCC has a complete contract portfolio with over 675 vendor contracts in place to deliver the results you deserve from your group purchasing cooperative. 

First Choice differentiates itself from other GPOs in the way it treats your earned dividends. First Choice Cooperative delivers the highest return of Cash patronage dividend in the industry on Gross dollars collected. 

No volume-based tiered pricing. No access fees. Highest percentage of cash dividends paid in the industry. 

Generation of a new revenue source on every contract utilized through patronage dividends benefits each member, all of which are owners in the cooperative. 


Russell W. Bishop
Director of Sales
FirstChoice Cooperative
4815 Troup Hwy.
Tyler, TX  75703
214-399-4594 (Cell)
903-594-2531 Fax



I have been associated with First Choice since 1995 in three different hospitals and have always been impressed with the personal attention that the organization has shown the membership in negotiating contracts and working on our behalf. Unlike many other group purchasing organizations, we have a dedicated representative that calls on each account to help with contracts and issues that may arise. The customer service that First Choice provides is exemplary and I have always been pleased with the organization. Furthermore, the best contract pricing is a major goal for the organization and the dividend checks that we receive each year based on our purchases gives us a return when we need it.  

Bill Barnes, FACHE, CEO

Sweeny Hospital District



Electra Memorial Hospital came on board with FirstChoice Cooperative in early 2003, and we have really enjoyed and benefitted from our relationship with them these past eleven years – through utilization of their pricing agreements and the cash rebates we’ve earned through those agreements. We’ve recently renovated and remodeled our facility, and FCC was instrumental in helping us through the contracts through the dedicated service they provide. I would highly recommend to any healthcare provider to become a member with FirstChoice Cooperative for their purchasing needs!”   

Jan Reed, CPA, CEO



Our hospital has been with First Choice for 4 years, as a matter of fact it will be 5 years in 2016! In this time I’ve met and come to rely on several employees of this Wonderful GPO. What I love the most about FCC is the dedication I get from everyone, they stay in touch with you, they make sure you are aware of all new contracts, but most of all is the fact that it does not matter if you are a 2500 bed hospital or a 150 bed hospital you all get the same pricing! This is GREAT because everybody is equal there are no pyramids or purchasing levels. I love the company and its employees as if they were my own hospital family.

Tammie Davidson, Purchasing Director

North Sunflower Medical Center