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LEARN MORE about optimizing your patients’ chronic care illnesses between clinic visits with Vital Health Links Turnkey Chronic Care Management Services!


Are you able to improve patient outcomes, quality metrics, while receiving untapped reimbursement revenue through Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program?


Vital Health Links is a Physician owned Chronic Care Management company that assists physicians in optimizing the health, wellbeing, and outcomes of those patients suffering from chronic illness between clinic visits through monthly check-ins with Care Coordinators, increasing non-taxable revenue through Medicare and commercial payer Chronic Care Management reimbursement, as our services add no additional costs for hiring coordinators or software infrastructure. Dr. Saurin Patel, MD is the Founder and Owner of Vital Health Links.

 If you are offering chronic care management services;

  • Are you able to maximize Chronic Care Management enrollment on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?
  • Are you able to improve patient outcomes and capitalize on the reimbursement opportunities within the CMS Chronic Care Management program?
  • Are you able to provide access to community, state, and national resources to your patients to tackle greatest needed services related to social determinants of health, such as, access to healthy food, transportation, housing, medication, among others?
  • How is the process working for your Care Coordinators? Are they able to reach all of those in need?
  • Are you able to actually achieve net revenue with the internal infrastructure and overhead expenses to manage this program?


If NOT, look no further, Vital Health Links can assist with achieving patient health outcomes, performance metrics, financial growth and organizational sustainability!


Chronic Care Management represents increased revenue opportunity for Rural Health Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC). Rural Health organizations have fewer aggregate resources than urban health systems. The opportunity represents often untapped NET Revenue for clinics generated from reimbursements from the CMS Chronic Care Management program CPT Codes 99490, G0506 and HPCPS G0511 for Rural Health Clinics and FQHCs.


Testimonials Matter!


Hear from our customers the value that Vital Health Links provides their organizations and for their most important clients, their patients!


“Vital Health Links has facilitated and improved communication and care to my most needy patients.”

David Adams, MD, Prairie Clinic


“In a short time, our partnership with Vital Health Links has resulted in a robust CCM program that has created a vital additional revenue stream, and also positively impacted the health of our Medicare patient population. They have provided us with outstanding staff and have been great to work with.”

Mark Pottinger, COO Apple Valley Medical Clinic


“Their care coordinators have gone above and beyond to assist our patients in maintaining their highest quality of life at home.”

Connie Gibson, Patient Care Supervisor, Prairie Clinic


“I would recommend Vital Health Links to any clinic looking to start a Chronic Care Management program. Working with them has allowed us to positively impact the health of some of our toughest patients, quickly implement and grow the CCM program, and develop a profitable service line. In a primary care setting I am not sure there is much more you could ask from a vendor partner.”

Matt Brandt, CEO Hudson Physicians


“Hudson Physicians has been very pleased to partner with Vital Health Links. Our partnership has allowed us to positively and proactively manage our patient population. We have been able to provide additional care resources to our patients, collaborate as an interdisciplinary team, increase patient engagement, and ultimately provide high quality care to those who need it most.”

Lori Grambow, RN, Director of Clinical Services, Hudson Physicians


“With Vital Health Links we have weekly meetings with a local team. The care team at Vital Health Links regularly interacts with our clinic care teams. Today we have more than 1,000 enrolled seniors with the opportunity to enroll 3,000 to 4,000 more. It can be eye opening when you begin to see what our patients experience beyond traditional clinic walls.”

Doug Hanson, CEO, Stellis Health, PA


See the attached Vital Health Links video to learn more about Vital Health Links Chronic Care Management Services and how they can assist to achieve the patient and organizational health outcomes for your patients and your practice!

Video:            https://youtu.be/XnoVuIS7Fck


We would welcome scheduling a time when we could share more information regarding how our services assist practices in enhancing their patients’ outcomes, organizational performance metrics, and net revenue! Please call us to schedule an initial meeting!


Saurin Patel, MD, MBA

CEO and Founder




Kathleen Halverson, RN, DHA, FACHE

Vice President of Clinical Transformation


Cell: 651-253-0763


Pam Zimmerman, LSW, MA


Vice President of Care Coordination and Client Relations

Cell: 651-470-9150


JoJo Ju


Manager of Marketing and Product Development

Cell: 319-621-5737




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