AnewMed enables rural hospitals and clinics to move six-figures annually to their bottom line through rural-specific programs for medical and surgical devices.

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Add $1000+/Bed Annually to Your Bottom Line

AnewMed makes it easy for rural hospitals and clinics to save hundreds of thousands annually through multi-faceted cost savings programs for medical and surgical devices.  These programs are tailored specifically for rural healthcare providers and include:

    • Competitive pricing and fast delivery on your high volume surgical devices
    • Restocking programs to help you more effectively manage inventory levels
    • Re-packaged, re-sterilized and recertified devices at very attractive prices
    • Consignment programs to generate revenue from excess and unneeded inventory
    • Fast-turn, small batch sterilization services (coming April 2019)


“AnewMed has helped us at Russell County Hospital find attractive savings on the surgical supplies we purchase.  We’ve found them to be very responsive and attentive to our specific needs and requirements.  Plus, their Hot Code program makes it easy to get fast turnaround on the items we use most. ”   Mickey Pennington, Director of Central Supply Chain, Russell County Hospital, Russel Springs, KY


Are You Throwing Six Figures in Savings into the Trash?

Each year tens of millions of dollars of unused single-use medical devices are sent to landfills rather than being used to help patients. This typically comes from operational inefficiencies, changes in preference, or simple convenience.  The total value of these unused but discarded devices is truly staggering. 

Do you know how many unused devices are ending up in your dumpster?

Anewmed’s programs are focused on helping you offset your ever-increasing costs by preventing the unnecessary disposal of perfectly good medical devices.

By re-sterilizing, recertifying and repackaging your unused and expired medical devices, you can realize significant savings – year after year - versus purchasing the same product new.


Don’t Confuse Repackaging with Reprocessing

At times we see some confusion over the difference between repackaged devices versus reprocessed ones.  It’s important to know the difference.  Here are three important things to consider:

  • A repackaged device has never been used.  Repackaged items fall into two categories.  Those that are new and have been removed from their sterile packaging but never used (think about how many unused devices get rolled up in blue paper and end up in the trash in your ORs).  The second are those that are new, unused and in their original sterile packaging, but the package is past its expiration date.  Repackaging means these new but unused devices are inspected, resterilized and placed into new, sterile packaging.  Reprocessed devices have been used previously and are cleaned and at times “re-manufactured” to get them back into spec.
  • A repackaged device is lower risk versus a reprocessed one.  A repackaged device is effectively a new device that has simply been resterilized, extending its sterile packaging shelf life.  Reprocessed devices have been used at least once, increasing the chances that the device has been altered or damaged due to that use.  As a result, reprocessed devices run a higher risk of not performing as well as a new one.
  • Repackaged devices are typically 50% less than what you’d pay for new or reprocessed devices.  Repackaged devices can represent significant savings over other alternatives -  especially buying them new from the OEM vendor.


Common Questions

What advantages do you offer the rural hospital?

AnewMed, offers rural hospitals several advantages that help reduce cost and improve bottom-line performance.  Many of our in-date surgical devices are less expensive versus buying them via the OEM.  Because AnewMed is a licensed repackager and a contract sterilizer, (in April) rural hospitals can often either have expired, unused devices repackaged and resterilized in a FDA registered and audited facility, or buy from our recertified stock of 1000s of devices, saving up to 60% on the price of those devices.  That translates into hundreds of thousands in savings – year over year!

How are you different from your competitors?

There are 2 prime differences.  The biggest difference is that AnewMed has small batch sterilization capabilities at our Atlanta headquarters, so we do our own FDA-approved repackaging and sterilization.  This means we avoid the cost, time and uncertainty associated with sending devices to a contract sterilizer or sourcing recertified devices from another supplier.  As a result, AnewMed can offer very competitive pricing compared to other alternatives.

The second difference is that we have a direct salesforce available to ensure timely and thorough customer service.  The kind of care that you cannot get by buying from a telemarketer, an email blast or an internet store.

We are also different in the variety of programs we can offer to rural hospitals

  • You can buy directly from our inventory of new and recertified devices.  That provides you with attractive pricing and 2-3 turnaround.
  • You can partner with us to source products for you at a target monthly sales volume by sharing information on the devices you require.
  • We can take your expired or opened but unused surgical devices;  repackage, resterilize and recertify them providing you as much as 60% off of buying that exact product new.
  • We can take your obsolete or unneeded devices on consignment, add them to our inventory share the revenue with you when they are sold.  Then each month we send you a statement showing the products that were sold and the $$$ you received.

What do your customers find of most value?

The ability to tailor a program to each customer’s specific needs, by combining some or all of the programs and services we offer, is where our customer’s find the most.  Since every client has unique needs, we listen to input from stakeholders and work with you to formulate your best path to savings that have an impact.


Learn more about AnewMed and the programs we offer at www.anewmed.com/nrha


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