PIPELINE PARTNER - InReach Community Dx

InReach Community Dx is passionate about partnering with community hospitals to design & develop sustainable, scalable laboratory outreach opportunities that enable hospitals to remain independent. 
We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you on a daily basis to convert excess laboratory capacity into responsible, sustainable and scalable revenue and by marketing your lab to local community physicians.  We are a team of experts that have led large-scale diagnostics operations and we take pride in the quality of our service.

"Our partnership with InReach Community Diagnostics has been a game changer for our little hospital.  The ability to turn a cost center (our laboratory) into a revenue center has had an immeasurable impact on our ability to raise additional revenue for our hospital and provide quality patient care in our region."
"Lost Rivers Medical Center's ability to not only survive, but thrive in a tough and competitive Critical Access Hospital environment has been predicated on our ability to think outside the box and capitalize on new and emerging service lines.  Our partnership with In-reach Community Diagnostics is a great example of how our facility has been able to continue to grow by utilizing existing facility resources to turn cost centers into revenue centers while helping to provide a great community service."
- Brad Huerta, CEO, Lost Rivers Medical Center, Arco, Idaho

“We are very excited to begin working with InReach Community Dx to bring our excellent Laboratory Services to new customers throughout the region,” said Michael Sharp MLS (ASCP), Director of Laboratory Services at Island. “InReach staff has impressed us with their responsiveness, initiative and focus on providing the highest quality services. We look forward to a long relationship.”
- Michael Sharp MLS (ASCP), Director of Laboratory Services at Island Hospital, Anacortes, Washington.

Sean McShane
(M) 817-271-8169