Premier, Inc. leverages integrated data and analytics, collaboratives, supply chain solutions, and advisory services to enable better care and outcomes at a lower cost.

How we are different from our competitors

Premier is a provider-driven healthcare performance improvement company. We co-innovate solutions with our members to reduce costs, improve quality, and produce better patient outcomes. 

Premier is not a GPO in the traditional sense; nor is it simply a technology vendor or a service provider. It is an extension of its member organizations and measures success based on the achievements of its members, not only in the supply chain arena, but also across care redesign, quality improvement and productivity gains.

Our key differentiators at the highest level include:

  • Scale: Premier has a footprint of ~3,600 hospitals and ~120,000 alternate sites of care providing aggregated volume to drive significant supply chain expense reduction.
  • Breadth of offering: Premier offers solutions to support supply chain, quality, safety, labor and population health initiatives through our tools and services.
  • Co-innovation: Premier’s alliance-led approach encourages members to co-develop solutions with us to meet their needs.
  • Shared infrastructure: Premier’s innovative technology platform provides infrastructure and data management resulting in reduced IT expenses for our members.

No other organization devotes the time and resources to fully understand your local and regional market dynamics, the strategies used by your organization to address the market challenges, and align our capabilities with your initiatives.

Our partnership is going to support NRHA members 

Engaging with Premier links you with a geographic sponsor providing access to our technology solutions including:

  • Supply Chain Advisor™ (SCA) – Access the complete contract portfolio, catalog and price activation tools and customized reports.
  • SupplyFocus™ – Track your supply chain expenses and benchmark your supply chain performance against more than 800 acute care hospitals. Quickly and easily identify cost saving opportunities.
  • Pharmacy Spend Advisor – Perform a detailed analysis of your pharmacy spend and run ad hoc/customized reporting with PharmacySpend™. Reporting capabilities include:
    • Price verification for base and tier priced products
    • Price parity
    • Trending analysis
    • Wholesaler price load confirmation
  • MySpend™ - Analyze your total spend and find savings opportunities using your extracted MMIS transaction data. MySpend allows you to:
    • Monitor contract utilization and compliance
    • Benchmark pricing by contract, facility and product
    • Analyze spending patterns by facility, department or cost center
    • Evaluate different contracting option
  • PremierConnect®Communities – Connect and interact with more than half of the nation’s hospitals and 100,000 care sites within the PremierConnect platform. Share best practices, clinical, financial and outcomes data with providers nationwide.
    • PremierConnect for NRHA
    • PremierConnect for critical access hospitals
  • Economic Outlook – Joining the alliance gives you access to Premier’s flagship publication. It highlights emerging economic and industry trends impacting our membership and shaping the healthcare landscape.

NRHA members are welcome to contact us at any time at  For further discussions, reach out to Sara Couse or Jim Weiland. 

Contact information:

Sara M. Couse
Phone: (704) 816-5831

James M Weiland
Phone: (949) 280-1440