PIPELINE PARTNER - Constellation

Constellation provides medical professional liability insurance and uses claim analytics to help hospitals and care teams reduce risk, practice safer medicine and improve business results.

What is your organization’s mission?
We champion all those who devote their lives to health care … to the essential work of enhancing health—and life. We help them attain their dream to help, heal and serve. Our solutions protect them. Free them from worry. Simplify processes and complexities. Create time for connection … space for humanity to shine through. We help them reignite their passion, rediscover their compassion. Our support is critical for the people we serve because of the good they do.

What do your customers find of most value?
We have earned our 97% customer retention rate by being there for our clients when they need us most. Our approach to claim management is based on vigorously defending good medicine, providing emotional and wellbeing support to care team members throughout the litigation process and promoting communication among everyone involved. We are also valued for generously sharing the expertise we have gained over nearly 40 years of helping customers reduce risks and promote patient safety. Our MPL coverage is comprehensive and dynamic. As our customers in rural areas explore ways to increase access and better serve their patients—such as greater use of advanced practice providers and telemedicine—our coverage is updated to provide protection and peace of mind. 

Why do you support NRHA with your partnership?
Constellation was created with the vision of bringing together like-minded organizations to tackle the challenges of health care collaboratively. “Together for the Common Good” is our tagline and our inspiration. The great majority of our customers serve patients in rural states and our team includes many experts whose clinical and risk management expertise was gained in rural settings. We welcome the opportunity to partner with an organization for whom the challenges and concerns involved in rural health care are a top priority.  

For more information visit our website or contact Katie Hovda or Angela Churchill.

Katie Hovda, RN, BSN, MHA
Senior Claim Consultant
Direct:  515.267.2640


Angela Churchill
Senior Director Strategy
Marketing and Communications
Direct:  952-838-6715

Constellation, Together for the Common Good