StaffBridge’s SaaS scheduling, time keeping and credential management solution drives positive patient outcomes through industry-leading technology solutions that optimize workforce allocation and maximize engagement.

Attracting and retaining satisfied employees is a top-priority for any organization. For rural hospitals, optimizing full-time employees, part-time employees and temporary staff is increasingly difficult due to limited budgets and resources. StaffBridge can help by providing workforce management solutions that better engage employees and help you “do more with less,”—all while driving higher-quality patient care.

StaffBridge’s scheduling, compliance management and workforce management software tools help hospitals optimize staff and make better-informed business decisions. Our web-based technology allows users to create and view schedules in real time through the automated dashboard, monitor agency usage, notify employees of shift changes and openings via mobile alerts, track overtime and manage the credentialing process – all through an easy-to-use online tool.  Equally important, the StaffBridge Client Success Team provides you with dedicated training and support to ensure the adoption and success of our programs.  As one client said, “It eliminates the need to call 25 people to find someone to fill a callout.  If I could fill it in 60 seconds, that would be amazing…… Who wouldn’t want to engage their employees that way?” 

Kendra Hunter
President, StaffBridge
Direct: 913-800-7181  
Cell: 816-588-1428